Miraculous conception:

A True Story


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The #1 thing to reduce on this path to pregnancy is stress.

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Every woman needs to know this: if I can get pregnant at 42, they can get pregnant too.

My journey shocked my doctors, friends, family and colleagues. They thought I was bold for pursuing pregnancy as a single woman.

But I never doubted my capacity to handle the grueling process of IVF, but also the life that would soon arrive.

Every decision (good or bad) that I made leading up to my 42nd year on this planet was divinely orchestrated, and I was perfectly prepped for single motherhood.

In a world where women are becoming more independent than ever, waiting to conceive, and struggling when the time comes to go for it,

I want them to know what their doctors and fertility specialists aren’t telling them.

It’s the very thing that often results in unsuccessful pregnancies and failed conception attempts through IVF.

It’s that a woman’s lifestyle – what she eats, how she lives, and the level of stress that she’s carrying every day – plays a crucial role in her ability to conceive.

As a health coach and inspirational speaker, I’m here to not only share my story, but to empower audiences to take their power back in this process.

While all of my talks can be customized, my signature offerings include:

  • The Clear Way to Conceive
  • The Mama Mindset
  • The Chemical Connection
  • IVF & Relationships
  • IVF & Your Career
  • Keeping Stress Out of Your Schedule
  • Self Care & Food as Medicine

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