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Hi Mama-in-the-making!

The #1 thing to reduce on this path to pregnancy is stress.

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A 3-month program with

The Clear Way to Health Method

This program is for you if feeling healthy, energized, and fit has been a struggle for you. Stick with me, and you’ll learn how to slow down and embrace a new lifestyle so that you can thrive both in your life and in your career.

Includes: 6 private coaching sessions, virtually or in person.

How it works

The Assessment (initial 90-minute intake session)

Together, we will discuss your current lifestyle including your diet, sleep patterns, work schedule, stress level, and more. This will allow me to uncover the most important changes you need to make in order to optimize your health.

The Physical Detox (45-minute follow up session)

Following your assessment, I will provide guidance around how to remove as many toxins from your life as possible. This includes everything from your current diet to the products you use in your home and on your skin. As well as methods to reduce stress – one of the most toxic elements of a busy lifestyle.

The Mental Detox (45-minute follow up session)

This is where we will dive into your current mindset and inner beliefs about yourself and your body. Together, we will uncover the internal habits and thoughts that are blocking you from adopting healthy habits.

The Lifestyle Shift (three 45-minute coaching sessions)

Follow the physical and mental detoxes, we will begin to create new habits and behaviors that are going to help you not only thrive, but perform better in every area of your life. These sessions are completely customized to your unique set of needs.

The Results.

You will walk away with not only a new way of life, but a renewed sense of vitality and the tools to sustain it for life.

Your investment: $500/month for either 3 or 6 months pending consultation

Everything you’re looking for and more?