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The #1 thing to reduce on this path to pregnancy is stress.

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Age 41, I found myself newly single, stressed and heartbroken.

Truth was, I really wanted to start a family. But when the time came to make it happen, my then boyfriend wasn’t ready, and I was faced with some hard decisions.

As I held the life I wanted in one hand, and the life I had in another, I realized that my relationship wasn’t the only thing in the way of this dream of mine; my demanding, fast-paced career was too.

And the stress of a high-powered job mixed with the upset that comes along with ending a relationship was a perfect storm for my body: eczema breakouts and poor sleep. So I finally started listening to my intuition. I said goodbye to my relationship and my job almost simultaneously. I needed a break – and lots of space – to get my life and myself back in order.

While most women would probably find themselves somewhat hopeless, I was still determined to become a mom – boyfriend or not.

And as the dust settled around my 42nd birthday, I looked into how to conceive as a single mother.

Lucky for me, I had been off hormonal birth control since age 35 and with the help of a holistic hormone expert, Alissa Vitti, I was able to get my period back naturally after about six months of working with her.

(Note: Being on hormonal birth control for years or never having a natural period are two things that need to be addressed before conception!)

Thanks to that healing experience, I knew firsthand how one can use food and medicine to heal ones self. Years later, after becoming a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I learned about the benefits of eating organic, using chemical-free personal care and cleaning products, and how all of this can affect your hormones.

So as I dove into the world of IVF, I was probably the healthiest, and most knowledgeable 42 year old I could be. Not to mention, career-related stress was non-existent thanks to my decision to take a break. And this allowed me to focus 100% on becoming even healthier in order to make room for my baby.

As I went through the process of selecting a sperm donor and giving myself hormone injections, I felt empowered and certain everything was going to turn out successfully.

I could almost see my baby!

Yet, as I went to my weekly appointments, I realized that there were hundreds of women who were desperate to get pregnant. I saw them and their partners in the massive waiting room with many of them on their 4th, 5th, or 6th round of IVF after multiple failed attempts.

It stunned me and broke my heart; I hadn’t realized how many couples were impacted by infertility until I was quite literally surrounded by them.

Fortunately, my outcome was a positive one. At 42 years old, when I was told that statistically there is only an 8% chance of conception, I had not one, not two, but six viable eggs all of which could be fertilized.

Four were deposited into my uterus, and 14 days later it was confirmed that i was in fact pregnant – on the first try!

My doctors and nurses were amazed. And as I explained how I prepared my body beforehand, they nodded their heads confirming that it played a major role in this beautiful outcome.

My friends and family were fascinated by my story. So much so that some asked me for advice as they looked to or struggled to get pregnant themselves.

I knew helping other women through this process was 100% something I had to do; it was my purpose from here on out.

As I shared my simple method of shifting into a “conception friendly” lifestyle, those that followed suit got pregnant too.

So I went on to officially create the Clear Way to Conceive Method, where women learn how to detoxify their diets and lifestyles in order to effectively prepare their bodies and minds for a successful pregnancy.

If you’re someone who is about to embark on a conceiving journey of your own/with a partner, or if you’ve been struggling to conceive, this method is for you.

Please consider this a personal invitation to explore my coaching program. I know that if i can beat the odds, you can too.